Pownce/Twitter battle

What is Pownce bringing to the microblogging game/war ?

Lee Oden was sending out invites to his readers to join the not so hot anymore Pownce (funded and buzzed in June 2007). I was actually really curious to see what was the real difference between Twitter and Pownce.

First difference is that the equivalent of Twitterific is directly available on the site (desktop software), which is a little plus for novice users. Pownce has also the advantage of showing links to your other networks, which is valuable for networking matters. Mostly, you can share files of different sizes, depending on your subscription details (there’s a “pro” version for a few extra bucks).

What Pownce does not have is:

  1. The attitude and the hype of Twitter, which makes communicating on this network much more fun than on Pownce.
  2. The “track (something)”/”untrack” feature
  3. the Twitter block
  4. the Facebook app…

All of those great tools to generate contacts in a whole new way.

So basically Pownce looks and feels way more professional, and more appropriate as a collaboration tool, where Twitter is way better for surfing the social craze of the Web 2.0.

Update: For searching Pownce, there’s an external search engine. See here.