HyveUp – Todd Parsons – Buzzlogic

HyveUp - interview with Todd Parsons, founder of Buzzlogic.

Yesterday, Todd Parsons, co-founder and Chief Product Officer over at Buzzlogic, came by my office for a short video interview. Buzzlogic recently launched the Conversation Targeting tool to help marketers efficiently spot and advertise on influential blogs.

The beauty of it is, it gives advertisers the ability to follow the Web users’ navigation around zones of high influence, and instantly place their ads accordingly. Buzzlogic has a high focus on blogs. Todd explains in the video how:

1. Blogs are search engine friendly
2. Potential buyers online use search engines to find opinions that they are most likely to find on blogging platforms.

Their technology measures blog content in terms of trust: Who is the best expert in a given field? Who do people listen to? Who’s going to significantly help me sell my product? Who can I trust for this job. Trust is determined with a set of algorithms that measure credibility and influence.

While they have developed the technology to spot those blogs where influence happens, Buzzlogic focuses now on developing tools to make it easier for blog publishers and companies to connect in a meaningful way.

Companies like Buzzlogic make me wonder about the future of media. These companies empower the long-tail Web by giving a chance to any great content to be heard and advertised. Great content naturally bubbles up to the top and C-listed bloggers can now simply focus on writing something great instead of sweating to get a link from a popular blog.

Those new algorithms offer a way for consumers to tackle conglomerates of media that were keeping a strong hold on mass information. A new media landscape is shaping up, one where information flows virally and every one is welcome to participate. The long-tail is a loose structure of isolated sources of information timidly interconnected.

Out of the chaos, thanks to powerful algorithms, new leaders emerge, new alliances form, and new ways to control the information arise. I’m glad I got to interview one of the main contributor to those changes.

For more info about Buzzlogic, visit their new video blog here.