HyveUp – Harjeet Taggar – Auctomatic

HyveUp - interview with Harjeet Taggar, co-founder of Auctomatic.

Auctomatic is one of the leading providers of inventory management tools for power sellers on eBay. They are very similar to Garage Sale, except that they are exclusively Web-based. The company was seed-funded by Y Combinator, but other private investors quickly joined in to be part of something they believe will be a hit.

Last week, I’ve interviewed Harjeet Taggar, one of the co-founders of Auctomatic. In the video above, he shares with us his company’s vision, talks about his unique technology platform, and brings us some valuable opinions about the eBay economy.

Auctomatic has gained a lot of traction from the eBay power seller community, and is looking to extend to other power seller communities. They are presently getting a new round of investments to develop their product. Once they will have reach a mature development point, Auctomatic will have gathered valuable data to help sellers and auction platforms enhance their selling experience online. A promising company.

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