HyveUp – David Marks – Loomia

HyveUp - interview with David Marks, founder of Loomia.

Launched in June 2005, Loomia has quickly became a leader in social recommendations. It first started as a recommendation engine based on social preferences. In January 2006, Loomia launched a personalized recommendation service for Podcast networks and media publishers. A week ago, Loomia perfected its offer with Seen This.

Seen This is a new service for media publishers that lets readers know what their Facebook friends liked right there on the site. Here’s an example of a Seen This widget on Wall Street Journal:

I’ve accessed this page through the Seen This application on my Facebook profile. Thanks to this widget, I know what my friends, groups, networks, liked on the site I am on right now. Of course, this requires Loomia to partner up with those sites so that they put up the widget. Loomia’s partners for the moment are the Wall Street Journal, the CNET network, Bnet, Zdnet and Tech Republic. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more partners considering to use Seen This on their site.

I am personally really enthusiast about this technology. As a content creator, I am always interested in seeing my content fly away in the long-tail of the Web. With a robust number of partners, Loomia’s Seen This will become really interesting for media publishers online.