Revver Broke – Change Video Formats To Change Revenue Models

Revver is the perfect example of a company that is not succeeding because of its lack of innovation.

Revver is looking for generous souls to help them get out of a supposedly $1 million debt. The company had declared a few months ago they had reached $1 million in revenue shared with video creators. We now know they didn’t have the money that they re-distributed.

Once again we are the spectators of an online video company that is failing to provide video creators with a solid and lucrative distribution model. The incentive of a 50-50 deal was quite attractive though. Lonelygirl15 switched to Revver, the DietCoke-Mentos video was distributed on Revver…

If videos are not profitable on the Internet just yet for independent content creators, it is for the simple reason that film formats haven’t experienced a profound change. Hollywood is paying millions to find solutions, but lack to reconsider their own film production models. This situation will remain the same as long as a movie is represented by a single file. Downloading a streaming movie online is really easy thanks to wares like Zamzar. As long as video distribution platforms are not looking at other ideas like video atomization, we can’t expect big changes from the online video distribution industry.