HyveUp – Simeon Margolis – Utterz

HyveUp - interview with Simeon Margolis, cofounder of Utterz.

Until a few months ago, we were using voice on the Internet the same way that we use telephones. The main difference was that it was free, and thanks to company like Skype, you could send files and write short messages as you were talking. That was the traditional times of VoiP.

Since September, Utterz is offering users to interact and socialize with voice. Last week, I interviewed Simeon Margolis, Co-Founder of Utterz. Utterz was created on the idea that, through the socialization of the Web, there is no substitute for voice to express one’s thought on the go. Here are the sticky facts about Utterz:

  • Voice-centric social network, with video or text options
  • Discussions organized by groups, channels and networks of friends
  • Post an Utterz directly from your phone to your blog
  • Massive adoption of the product, Utterz present in 18 countries 6 months after launching
  • popular for political debates

My main concern about Utterz is the searchability of each audio file. Utterz works on a tagging system to classify and retrieve audio files. I think they should convert the audio file into text, to make the whole content more visible by search engines and other Utterers looking for specific chunks of discussions. Marketers would probably like this feature too.