Promotional Film Distribution Through Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is releasing Film On Facebook, a new app for film makers.

Facebook is releasing Film On Facebook, a new app for film makers (collaterally to launching Music on Facebook). This new app will help Facebook compete more aggressively against Myspace which was originally built for music creators to promote themselves online and which has become a top performer in video advertising. The app seems to perfectly cater to film-makers promotional needs.

As Kristen Nicole writes in Mashable:

One thing Facebook has managed to do much better than most web-based social utilities is disperse information. So any updates a promotional film page has on Facebook, they’ll at least know that the majority of users are pretty much always in the know.

She’s got that right. Facebook is about connections, so the smart approach that Facebook adopts is to connect people and products/brands (films and music are no exception anymore).

Nick O’Neil from Allfacebook provides extra info and ideas about the new release. First Facebook has partnered with MusicToday, LLC to enable artists to distribute their music through the app. Then, Nick is convinced that film and music pages will become full components of profile pages… Very shortly.

If so, that’s a huge step for online movie promotion. The Film on Facebook app will allow Facebook to sell incredibly powerful channels for the viral distribution of promotional videos to main movie distributors. In addition, movie distributors will definitely get a better “profile” of their consumers online.