RateItAll shows it all

RateItAll, the site that lets you rate anything, announces the launch of its interoperable platform.

RateItAll, the Website that lets you rate everything in the whole universe, has been doing its first steps in the world of platform interoperability.

The company started by developing a compatibility testing tool to offer RIAers (RateItAllers) a fun and meaningful way to interact among each others.

I’m not an addict user of the service, but I passed the technology compatibility test, and was 80% similar to Lawrence Coburn. Once the compatibility tests were up and running, RateItAll opened the valves between different social platforms. When you are on Facebook, it is now possible to share a test with a buddy on Myspace.

RateItAll is the opinion network. As I said, you can rate about anything on the network. That’s where their main strength and weakness lies:

  • Strength, they cover everything, and they let users create channels to cover what doesn’t exist in the database yet.
  • Weakness, they cover everything, there is no specific topic, and that’s a bit confusing.

I do not know the biz strategy of RateItAll, but since they hold such a horizontal stronghold in the recommendation engine business, they could easily power the recommendation engines of other niche Websites. The fact that their product is inter operable makes it even more appealing for other businesses to use it.

(Please comment if I’m wrong about the biz strat here. Wouldn’t want to put words in other people’s mouth, haha… he…)

Wherever this is going, the compatibility test game is some good geek fun. I can’t wait to see more!