HyveUp – Antony Zanetti – Click2Map

HyveUp - interview with Antony Zanetti, founder of Click2Map.

Online maps are hot! Since Google Maps is in the air, especially since they started to roll out their API, it has become a breeze for site owners to complete their site’s content with visual maps. Things are not that easy though: Beyond posting a map, site owners need to control the aesthetics of the maps, mark places and attach data to these places.

Click2Map offers a wide-range of solutions to help site owners manage the data of their maps. Built on top of the Google Maps API, Click2Map makes it easy to create, mark, share and manage online maps. All that a user needs to do is click on a map and drop its markers.

While some say that the service is too close to Google Mymaps, it clearly isn’t: Click2Map has a much more professional approach to mapping: you can import and export data and you get detailed analytics on how users interact with your maps. Where Google MyMaps is easy to use, it doesn’t allow users to manage heavy loads of data.

Click2Map is on a good start. The product was initially created by the French company Hyliosoft. Click2Map then spun-off a few months ago to become a stand-alone company. The business of online mapping holds great opportunities: street views, GPS, 3D… The challenge is to enable a population of online professionals to make the most out of those Web evolutions, and Click2Map has the means and the brain to efficiently follow that trend.

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