HyveUp – Ben Keighran – BluePulse

HyveUp - interview with Ben Keighran, BluePulse.

“Bluepulse is a free mobile social messenger.
Take the best of a social network, the best of an instant messenger, revolutionize both and combine them to run on anyone’s mobile phone. That’s a mobile social messenger, that’s bluepulse.” (Standard Society)

What is the difference between a social network and a social messenger? Sites like LinkedIn or Facebook enable users to grow their networks of friends/acquaintances. A social messenger leverages the power of social platforms to facilitate interpersonal communications between existing friends.

BluePulse is the best social messenger solution out there. Once you sign up to the service – exclusively from your mobile phone – you get to connect with your existing friends through SMS, email or direct messages on the BluePulse platform. BluePulse is an universal mobile inbox for all your social interactions.

It is hard to do a better job than Ben Keighran (BluePulse’s Founder and CEO – video above) to describe the service. I really like the fact that on bluePulse, you can send and receive messages from and to people that are not subscribed to the service. This flexibility makes the mobile platform extremely competitive (no wonder the service has been adopted in more than 190 countries).

Recently, BluePulse launched 3 new features to reinforce their unique offer. The most important to my opinion is the easy friends importing from your email account. It makes it a lot easier to connect with your existing friends who don’t and won’t join BluePulse because they are just not tech-savvy enough (even though the service is dead-simple to use).

At the end of the video, Ben Keighran identifies BluePulse’s market and main competitors. BluePulse’s goal is to become the social portal on your mobile, the starting point for all your interactions, regardless of the social platform you should use to connect with others. So far, their value-proposition makes a whole lot of sense, their technology works perfectly fine, and they recently hired a new CTO, Christopher Nguyen. Christopher Nguyen came to BluePulse in early 2008 from Google, where he was the Director of Engineering responsible for the operations of Google Apps (GMail, Calendar, etc).

Really an impressive universal social mobile app. Check it out: BluePulse

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