HyveUp – David Burch – TubeMogul

HyveUp - interview with David Burch, product manager at Tubemogul.

The rise of user-generated content has switched the traditional top down media strategy to a grassroots crowd adoption strategy to make original content bubble up in front of the mass’ eyeballs. The most chaotic segment of user-generated content is online video. Its blitz deployment and massive adoption left traditional marketers clueless: Who watches videos online? What video platform to chose? How engaged are Web-spectators? How to make a video go viral? What is the place of online video in a global brand strategy? Who watches my videos?

All those questions are really tricky. If you face those questions, then the best starting point to find answers is TubeMogul. TubeMogul – founded by Brett Wilson and John Hughes – is the leading video distribution and analytic site. TubeMogul is a one-stop shop to syndicate your videos out to a multiplicity of video platforms, and it gives you powerful cross-platform analytic tools to understand your viewership.

With a free account, you can upload and analyze your video views. The TubeMogul’s uploader lets you fill in all the video metadata on one page. You can also upload up to 300 MB worth of files. A resumable uploader – in alpha development right now – will resume interrupted uploads where you left them off. Once uploaded, you can track your total video views, your views on a specific platform, compare the performance on two different platforms, compare the performance for two different videos…

TubeMogul also offers a lot of goodies, like embeddable charts of your views, a viralize feature to submit your video to bookmarking sites like Digg, an embeddable cross-platform video views counter, link intelligence, and the list goes on.

Premium paying accounts get the whole enchilada: Scheduled video deployment, live training and account setup, viewership demographics and geographics, buzz tracking and competitive intelligence, and so on. The price for premium accounts vary according to the needs of the client. The best is to contact the team and you’ll get a kind response in no time.

Interestingly enough, TubeMogul doesn’t just sit there and offer a great service. The company thrives to become a leading provider of video analytics the same way NetRatings did for site analytics. Their position on the market is perfect for such an ambition, as they stand on top of video syndication, a great vista point to overlook the chaos of online video distribution. On a regular basis, TubeMogul releases super interesting in-house video distribution analysis. The most popular one was the TubeMogul’s top 40, which listed the most popular video creators. The list got quite a buzz as it shows independent video bloggers performing better that media companies like CBS.

The latest study was released today by David Burch, Marketing Manager at TubeMogul. The study, Which Video Sites Deliver the Most Views, tells us that almost half of videos online are viewed on Youtube. The report also brings some unexpected results, like MySpace only ranks fourth (in terms of views) in the music category, behind YouTube, Yahoo! and Veoh, respectively.

In other words, if you are an online video creator, you should definitely make TubeMogulyour home for distribution and analytics. It will help you figure out which video platforms are best fit for your content, which videos are popular where, and if you pay for a premium account, it will give you all the data you need to pitch potential advertisers.

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