HyveUp – Guy Goldstein – Pageonce

HyveUp - interview with Guy Goldstein, founder of Pageonce.

The original problem you can probably identify to is the following: Let’s say I want to check how many miles I have on my United Airlines account to see if I can fly for free next month. I have to login to the UA site, deal with an interface I am not used to, there’s usually a lot of clutter to get to my account, and I have to search through all of my email accounts to find the matching login username and password I set 5 years ago. In other words, I never go on the UA site to check my miles account. Pageonce is here to help…

Pageonce.com is a place to store the login info of all your different accounts spread across the Internet. Simply sign up, go through the process of finding and saving all your different login info into Pageonce, and you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again.

The idea of Pageonce came to Guy Goldstein – Co-Founder and CEO of Pageonce.com – when he was previously hired by a new company and his old email address got shut down by his previous employer, thus blocking all access to the online services he signed up to using his professional email address. Hence the idea of Pageonce.

Pageonce is one of the most popular app in the iPhone’s app store. It ranks most popular in the category of personal assistant app, and ranks in the top 100 most popular of the whole app store (40th).

The biggest concern of the tech community when Pageonce launched two months ago was the issue of security. Well rest assured: Your personal info is safer on Pageonce than the President is in the White House. The security system has been certified by all the leading online security labels, they use high encryption rates to secure their data transactions, they hire top hackers on a regular basis to test their system… If anything gets out of their control (highly unlikely), they are covered by top insurance companies that will cover any eventual loss.

For those who were saying that Netvibes could easily integrate such syndication services for their users, I don’t think that the comparison is even appropriate considering:

  1. the military-class security mentioned above, and
  2. its business model: In its business model, Pageonce is very similar to Wesabe. With the data they gather, they track spendings and consumption trends across millions of accounts, and generate laser-focused targeted promotional campaigns for their users.

As the founder told me, they are experiencing exponential growth since launch, so corporations must already be considering Pageonce has a serious promotional channel.