Getting Rid Of Illegible Google Maps

Click2Map is introducing a new unique feature in the online mapping world : auto-clustering of map markers.

Today, Click2Map is releasing a new feature that changes a few ground rules in the world of online mapping. The France-based map editor now offers its users the auto-clustering tool, which allows you to create a unique marker for spots where markers are overlapping each other.

The map below shows where movie celebrities live in Hollywood. It perfectly illustrates the need to cluster markers to make the information accessible. The developers of Click2Map made it super easy for any map creator out there to customize the clustering rate of their maps’ markers. If customizing is not your thing, you will find a button ‘auto-detect’ that will automatically do the clustering for you.

Two months ago, Click2Map was already bringing innovation in the Google Maps space by releasing a feature that hides/shows groups of markers, as well as a batch operations tool to better manage your maps’ data.

Click2Map’s constant development effort positions the startup at the forefront of online mapping innovation. Online maps are a growing tool to browse online content: When we see how complete blogging platforms and video platforms can be for content creators, it hints us on the potentially strong value proposition of Click2Map.