Tokoni Gives a Voice to WomenCount – E3

Interview with Alex Kazim, co-founder and CEO of Tokoni. Part 3, WomenCount

We’re now taking a look at Tokoni’s potential to integrate new communities onto their platform. The best example is the WomenCount page on Tokoni. WomenCount is a non-profit political organization that gives women of all generations and backgrounds from around the country a powerful voice in the political process. Thanks to the story-sharing platform Tokoni, WomenCount can concretely offer their members to share their stories on a dedicated platform.

When WomenCount’s members land on the Website, they are directly invited to share their experiences with the community through Tokoni:

Once they click on the “click here to share your stories with us”, they land on, WomenCount’s dedicated page on Tokoni:

So far, there are no Tokoni page integrated directly in However, on the homepage, if you scroll down a bit, you will find a Tokoni widget (“Issues on Tokoni”) that gathers a few headlines from the WomenCount’s community on Tokoni.

As Alex Kazim mentions, Tokoni also developed a Facebook application to try out ways to share Tokoni with friends:

While the functions do not allow a rich interaction with the platform yet, looking at Tokoni’s Facebook app is a good way to see what kind of info the Tokoni platform can share with other applications and services. It also indicates how Tokoni plans to grow by acquiring members through other social platforms.