Videoblogger To Howard Stern: So Not Cool!

Is Gary Vaynerchuk an active defender of the social media sphere? Today, the wine seller takes on Howard Stern’s attitude towards the whole (micro)blogging scene. The popular radio host argues that bloggers are just losers who need to get a life, instead of sharing what’s left of it on blogs and social networks. For Gary, this is exactly what Howard Stern has been doing the past decades to grow an audience: Sharing his life. Gary sees this attitude towards blogging as a way for the self-made celebrity to protect his grounds.

My sister is a daily listener of the Howard Stern show. More than once, I mentioned to her the fact that Howard Stern should tweet: It is pretty obvious that he could build up an army of dedicated followers. Apparently, this is too risky of a business for the media anarchist.

This is not the first we see Gary Vaynerchuk defending the social media grounds. When Britney Spears started tweeting, he reacted to the fact that her peeps were twittering for her. So not cool!