Tracking Keyword Subscribers On Twitter Search

Monitoring keywords on Twitter has become more fun than following users, and I think that everybody is starting to feel those invisible eyes scrutinizing their updates:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/steveasher/status/1033241731″]

I started following him after seeing this message… The increasing use of Twitter Search’ feeds has created the need for a new Twitter tool I can’t seem to find anywhere on the Web: A feed analyzer that can tell me how many people have subscribed to a given keyword. For example, if I knew that 5,000 people had subscribed to the keywords “Twitter sucks”, then the title of my next blog post would contain those keywords.

[blackbirdpie id=”1033241731″]

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the black gold on which Twitter is intending to monetize its service. I am sure that most people pay much more attention to the keywords they track, and much less to the updates of the people they follow. As a business, I would be more interested in reaching those keyword subscribers. I would optimize my tweets so that it reaches those subscribers’ RSS reader or email inbox. I could even optimize an affiliate business where specific keywords lead the way from tweet to Amazon recommended products.

What do you think? First, have you heard of such a service for Twitter? If not, do you think that is how Twitter intends to monetize their platform, or do you think that this tool shall see the day in a near future?