View Anybody’s @ Replies In Their Profile’s Sidebar

A nice little script just popped up in the Greasemonkey repertory: The Twitter Sidebar Replies. As you can see on the screenshot here, it shows you all the replies that were directed to the user of the page you are on.

As you can imagine, this tool is handy when you want to see the social activity of a Twitterer, and maybe intricate yourself into his discussions.

I was using another script – the Nested Twitter Replies – to figure out directly from who was talking to who. The problem is that the script is accurate 60% of the time. Some people hit the reply button just to save time writing the name of a person, but don’t actually intend to reply to a previous tweet. Others write the @ directly, making it impossible for a computer to discriminate a real reply. The script wasn’t adding much value to my twitterings.

If you are interested in trying out a few scripts for, here is a short list to get you started: Endless Tweets – Loads older tweets endlessly when you’re scrolling on the Twitter timeline (may conflict with other scripts).

Nested twitter Replies – Adds nested replies to every Twitter conversation thread (the script I was mentioning above).

Twitter Enhancement: Re-Tweet This to plurk – Append a retweet button to the end of each twitter entry for the purpose to retwee this entry to Plurk (I don’t really use Plurk, so i can’t judge the efficiency).

Google Reader + Twitter – Adds reader posts to twitter when clicked.

Twitter Sidebar Replies – Shows replies to a user is the sidebar of that user’s Twitter page (the topic of this article).