Entrecard Comes To Twitter

Entrecard is the social network of crazy Internet marketers who boost their traffic by visiting each others blog. The more websites a user visits, the more points he earns. Every user can redeem their points in exchange of advertising space on the blogs of Entrecard’s network.

On Saturday, Graham Langdon, Founder of Entrecard, got that crazy idea that Entrecarders could apply their crazy scheme on Twitter.

Let’s all follow each other on Twitter’, the call to action says. Basically, anyone who wants to join the fun drops the link to his/her Twitter profile in the comments section, and that’s how everybody connects to each other. About 60 Twitterers have already joined the party!

I am not a fan of Entrecard’s vision of the blogosphere: I don’t believe that any traffic is good traffic. Nevertheless, Entrecard is a vibrant community of committed self-promoters, and I actually find it fascinating to see this community taking over Twitter.

Graham Langdon, you should integrate a Twitter feature on Entrecard where those who re-tweet a lot others earn points, redeemable as tweet placement on others’ streams. I personally think it would completely kill the leitmotiv for using Twitter, but it would be in perfect synergy with Entrecard’s philosophy!