Interview 2.0 – APIs Are In Business – Oren Michels, CEO Of Mashery

Interview with Oren Michels, CEO Of Mashery, a enterprise-class patform to build APIs.

If you have heard of Mashery recently, that was probably because of the Business of APIs Conference that was organized by Mashery. Or maybe you have heard of Mashery when Netflix launched their API back in late September. Or when MTV Networks did 20 days before Netflix.

Mashery is a startup ahead of the curve, one that spotted at an early stage the need for content producers to outsource their business development efforts to third-party developers. Virtually any company can build its own API in-house, but the challenge doesn’t only reside in creating an input/output interface. A successful API has tools that facilitate relationships with developers. A successful API has flexible parameters and detailed metrics on the activities of the programmable interface. A successful API is also one that is in sync with its company’s business model.

Mashery is THE company to go to for such a system infrastructure. From consulting to development, and even partnerships with communities of third-party developers, Mashery has become the one-stop shop for building your API. Oren Michels is the Founder and CEO of the company. Before Mashery, Oren Michels was Vice-President of business development at Feedster, where he negotiated partnerships with AOL, Real Networks and Mitsui, and oversaw the company’s activities in China.

Oren Michels perfectly explains how he got started with Mashery in the video, which must be done loading by now. Thanks for reading, and thank you Oren for taking a few minutes to talk to HyveUp.