The Beauty Of

There is a service that has been my buddy for the past few months, and that is central to my social media strategy today. is the alert service that scans all the rss sources you are interested in and sends it to you through the medium of your choice.

For example, I am a big fan of Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion blog (and I think I heard of through this blog). I do not want to miss a post from this writer, so I grabbed the blog’s feed, and asked that it be sent to my gtalk messenger for instant notification, as well as to my email, in case I am not on Gmail when the notification is published.

You can of course apply a filter to your feeds. Steve Rubel publishes his Delicious links daily, and it might not be of a very high interest to some of you. Filter out ‘links for’, and it won’t bother you with this automated blogging strategy.

On Twitter, I am very interested to know if someone sends me a tweet, and I want to be notified about it, wherever I am. I set up my phone number and sends me a sms as soon as @xavierv is published somewhere on Twitter. I can reply to it on the spot.

Even better (yes, it is possible): instead of receiving emails from dozens of social networks notifying me of an innocuous friend’s avatar change, I can submit a custom-made email address, so that social networks send any updates to directly, and I chose how I want to be alerted for each and every social network.

The Web 2.0 is still quite a mess for novice users. is the strategical tool to adopt. Moreover, it pushes you to reflect upon your priority sources online, meaning it pushes you to start developing your own personal social media strategy.