Dijit – Free Multimedia Widget

I am always interested in widgets when it comes to playing videos inside them. Personally, I am very demanding in terms of functions and design. That is why when Dijit started following me on Twitter, I signed up for the private beta right away.

I liked what I saw. It doesn’t suit my personal needs, but basically, the widget displays a small library of pics, videos and music.

I really like the instant play feature, which makes me suspect that they pre-load the media when a widget is called. I also like a lot the video that expands to the size of the widget. Really cool! The button send2phone is interesting: If you like one of the files that is playing, click send2phone, enter a phone number (yours, a friend’s), and click ok. The catch: $2.99 for the video I was watching (meaning prices may vary). But don’t worry, you pay only if you reply yes to the text message it sends you.

I am not such a fan of the pay for mobile model, but at least this is a widget with a straight-forward revenue stream.

I think this widget would perfectly fit the need of Oosah. Oosah is the Website that lets you manage your multimedia from a variety of different sources (Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Myspace) in a desktop-like interface. I kinda criticized Oosah when they launched their line of widgets, simply because they developed a nice content management infrastructure, and added some of the worst distribution tools to it. I see synergy there.

Talking about widgets, Sprout just announced they were getting rid of free accounts, jumping from free to $50/month. Wow!