Apture Turnover: RSS, SEO, And Link From Draft

While discussing with the Founder of Zemanta on a previous article on HyveUp, Dan Martell notified me of new updates that Apture just released. Here is his message from the comment thread:

Xavier, this hasn’t been officially announced, but voila: http://apture.com/plugin – this fixes the “Apture: Bad” concerns. Our users spoke, and we listened.

Four big benefits to using the Apture Editor Plugin:

Transmit Apture links via RSS.
Google combs through your Apture links enhancing SEO.
Eliminates the need to visit your published post to add Apture links.
Preview posts and Apture links – see what you’ve got and make adjustments before you publish the post.

Let me know if you have any feedback?

Thanks for the write up.

Originally posted as a comment by Dan Martell on HyveUp using Disqus.