Your Social Links On Your Twitter Profile

Today, I spotted a new thing on Twitter’s profiles: Social links to your other social profiles like Delicious, Flickr, and so on. I saw it on this person’s profile: BILL_ROMANO. Right away, I sent him a tweet asking how he did it.

Pretty cool! I have checked out my profile, but it’s not there yet 🙁 I admit I am not a big fan of following thousands of people for marketing purposes, so I plead guilty.

I find it a little disappointing though. I liked Twitter as a really simple UI. They are already adding new inhouse text ads to people’s profiles, and adding social links is yet another visual that saturates the simplicity of Twitter.

Maybe other social networks didn’t allow Twitter updates integration unless they had links back from the short-messaging service, which is now a done deal (or almost). Plus since Facebook joined the open status colonization of the Web, Twitter has to be more aggressive and more collaborative.