How Friendconnect Should Work

As soon as Friendconnect released blings for bloggers, I jumped in and installed a sidebar widget in this blog to show HyveUp’s friends. I invited most of my gmail contacts to join my blog network. Unfortunately, I think that most people didn’t see the point of being a ‘friend’ of this blog, so my friends’ list never really grew, and I uninstalled the widget.

Tonight, Robert Scoble shared this video interview of Kevin Marks – lead developer of Friendconnect – where he shows how to make the most out of Friendconnect. When I watch this video, I really want to re-install Friendconnect on my site, but I don’t want to be disappointed again 🙁

Every morning, I browse my Google Reader through my g1. The recent integration of comments built in greader is a blessing because I don’t have to open the site’s page if I want to drop my two cents on a news item. However, just like my Friendconnect widget, I never see any comment except the one I write. Sometimes, I wonder if the early-adopters who use Google Reader aren’t just ignoring Google’s attempt to control our social activities.

However, this video did a good job showing me how Friendconnect could be beneficial. If Friendconnect keeps expanding the way it’s been doing since launch, I think it will have the same impact that this video demo had on me tonight.