Xobni: $10M And Out Of Beta

Xobni just officially announced the completion of a Series B with an investment from Blackberry Partners Fund. This completes their previously announced financing led by Cisco.

Along with this announcement, Xobni is officially out of Beta! As the CEO mentions in his newsletter:

Today we launch Xobni 1.7, which is the first version of Xobni without the beta label. Version 1.7 dramatically improves the performance and reliability of Xobni. Users will observe the following improvements:

* Outlook now starts 31% faster*
* Xobni Profiles now load 42% faster*
* Users can control how often and how much data Xobni indexes
* Users can control when Xobni is running

* Users with large inboxes will experience more dramatic improvements. We made these improvements for you!