Become A Super Tweeter While Waiting For The Bus

The title is a reference to Steve Rubel just-published post “How to Become a Super Tweeter in Just 15 Minutes a Day with iGoogle”. His tip is to set up 3 widgets that bring you news from the major news provider, and one big Twittergadget widget to interact with your Twitter community and share the news you like.

Well it is a good idea. But here is how you can become s super tweeter while you wait for the bus:

  1. have all the news you need in your Google reader
  2. plug your shared items page to Friendfeed/post2twitter tool or Twitterfeed
  3. each time you share an item you like (or even if you don’t like it), it goes on twitter
  4. want to add a little comment? add a note.

What you do not get is the Twitter interface that Steve Rubel suggests (depending on your phone, you can very well have a Twitter app running). However, you get the simplicity of the Google Reader mobile experience, and posting the items you like on Twitter in one click definitely beats copy/pasting it when you are on the go.

Any better productivity tips here?