Oprah Castrates Micro-Celebrities On Twitter, Welcome To Friendfeed

Today, Oprah is going live on Twitter (my favorite coverage on the Inquisitr). That same day, Ashton Kutcher reaches 1 million users. Oh wait, there was a bug in the system, the whole thing was set up. In other words, a great day for Twitter, but the day that the early-adopters will start to leave the twittershpere for good.

Actually, leaving Twitter is not the right term to use, as passive twittering is always possible (something I have been doing for the past few months). But until recently, tech micro-celebrities were leading the Twitter leaderboard, and this is not the case anymore (scobleizer, 80,000 followers, pfff). No more geek egotrip potential in Twitter, Oprah is bringing the facts back on the table.

Now for us, early party-goers, softcore socialites, the attention is on Friendfeed (well for some of us the attention has been on Friendfeed for quite a while). Friendfeed is a nice getaway from twitter because:

So do you feel castrated by the mainstreamization of Twitter? Then head over to Friendfeed: You’ll find the same robust search features you have on twitter, it’s real-time too, the founders are active users and listeners, and no one bothers to know how many follower you have (I guess only Friendfeed uses that data internally). It’s always better to be a big fish in a small pond, right?