How-to Twitter From Your Email Free

There are many reasons why you would want to re-route your twittering through your email inbox:

  • To syndicate your online activities in one manageable place
  • To avoid using annoying Twitter apps
  • To keep track of your Twitter communications in your communications center
  • For mobile use, email is easy to use
  • Because email is still the best personal communications tool so far

Watch the video below, it shows you how to set up everything to tweet with your inbox. Another solution is Twittergadget (for gmail), but this app, like others, will not transfer tweets into your inbox, it is merely an add-on to your inbox.

This tweak involves the use of, twitter search and twittermail.

If you do not like the twittermail idea (like you couldn’t like Twimailer‘s more robust solution either), then consider this tweak: Just get an account with Friendfeed. You can post to Friendfeed via email, and set up Friendfeed so that it re-routes your posts to Twitter. It’s less direct, but at least you depend on a much reliable company to send your tweets out for you.