How-to Retweet Automatically – Video Demo

In a great post, Ryan Price explains how to set up Yahoo Pipes to automatically retweet just about any tweet on Twitter. I decided that it was time to make this hack also available to video watchers. Here is a step-by-step video to help you set up your own retweeting machine.

Before you watch, here is why you want to seriously consider retweeting:

  • It advertises the channel at the source of the info
  • Retweeting channels attract followers
  • Add activity to an existing channel
  • Optimize your Twitter profile
  • Create a retweeting network

Retweeting is hot! Retweeting is the core tool for a viral real-time madness on Twitter. They’re so awesome, they could become the new blue link. If you are not a natural retweeter, this video is perfect to keep you in the loop.

Automatic re-tweeting could be easier, but Twitter doesn’t allow re-publishing a Twitter feed. Third party apps (like Twitterfeed) usually apply this policy. This is why going through Yahoo Pipes is the most simple way to go around this rule. Apparently, there is a new auto-retweeting service in the making, but a good ol’DIY auto-retweet is the safest way to go.