The Creme Brulee Man On Twitter

As I was hanging out on Yelp being mean to all the places I have been to lately, I stumbled upon the Creme Brulee Cart.

The Creme brulee Cart is like a hot-dog stand, but it serves creme brulees (Custard similar to flan. Sugar is poured on top and torched until it hardens into a crust). For San Francisco locals, I believe the Creme Brulee cart can often be found in the Dolores Park on sunny Sundays. If you want to know where the Creme Brulee Cart is right now, you can simply follow the Creme Brulee man on Twitter!

This is not the first time we see a food and beverage business utilizing Twitter to grow sales. I think this is pretty interesting because it shows how a simple idea could be started from scratch, and find traction through Web 2.0 tools: Yelp puts it on the map, then people keep track through Twitter. The Twitter profile has been updated 250 times, and has 4,000 followers. Pretty cool!

As the motto of the Creme Brulee owner says on his Yelp’s profile:

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.

True that!