G1 Apps: Loquacious, Best Multiple Accounts Twitter App

On my quest for a seamless mobile Twitter experience, I stumbled upon Loquacious and started playing around with the free version. In less than 2 minutes, I was sold! Definitely the best alternative to interact with my Twitter streams.

Loquacious is a multi-account Twitter client for Android. I think Tweetie is the iPhone equivalent for this app. It has a very elegant interface, large font, easy sign-in, easy access to search and easy to tweet on the go.

Loquacious also has 3 killer features that makes it really different!

  1. Actions: Long press on an item opens a roll down menu that offers all the actions you need: reply, favorite, go to http, search #, d user or retweet this.
  2. Filters: Filter out all tweets that come from a specific source. For example, get rid of the junk and filter out all tweets coming from Twitterfeed and Tweetbots. That will clean up your stream and allow more interactions to happen. You can also filter out tweeps, a way to clean up the junk even more.
  3. Toggle Users: Have more than one Twitter account? Well you’ll finally be able to handle that on the go! Loquacious is the first Twitter app on Android to support multiple accounts. Pioneering is always respectable. It only takes two clicks to switch accounts!

I am really enthusiast about this app, but if you want a more balanced point of view, you should read this article by Matthew Stevens on the Android And Me blog. Also, for those interested in discovering more multiple account Twitter apps, read this.