Video Hyping The Social Media Trend

Social networks are growing at an alarming rate, but saying that they will dictate our behaviors in a few years is kind of an "over-statement".

Just found this video on the American Copywriter blog. Basically, it states the obvious: social networks are growing at an incredibly fast-paced. Ok…

There is something in the video that makes my teeth grind: “In the future, we will no longer search for products or services, they will find us via social media”. I’m sorry, what? Is this video saying that the social Web is going to be a big Facebook’s Beacon, and we won’t mind? Today, Social Media is overwhelmingly settling into our daily lives, agreed. However, once the enthusiasm will be gone, and our email inbox full of spam crap, we won’t pay attention to it anymore, and we will need another medium to purify our communications from commercial messages. This video is all about hyping Social technologies, even though they are just a transitory process.