How-to Update Your LinkedIn Status With Twitter Automatically – Video Demo

Here is a little trick (doesn't work anymore) that used to enable you to connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

I started wondering if there was a tool similar to the Twitter to Facebook application, but that would post tweets automatically to LinkedIn. Then I found Actually, don’t even bother to click through this link, LinkedTweet doesn’t exist anymore:

This discussion was captured on the Human3rror blog, where its author, also creator of Linkedtweet, explains in the comment section what happened to his project.

It seems like developers are not really encouraged by LinkedIn to connect Twitter to its network of professionals. However, there is a bootstrap way to make this happen. The cornerstone to this trick is (review) and (review):

  1. is a service that lets you update your status on a lot of different social networks (I think there is like 30 different services, including all the big ones) from just about anywhere. You can update your LinkedIn account from
  2. lets you take any feed, and have it send it to you the way you want: email, SMS, IM, and/or…

From there, I think you get the picture: Connect your to your LinkedIn account, connect your account to your account, and submit your Twitter feed to

In the video above, I kind of geeked out the process, tweaking my Twitted feed with Yahoo Pipes before sending it to I did so because I don’t think you want all your stupid tweets to appear in your professional space, so a solution to clean up your Twitter stream seems essential to make this hack really work.

The music is from The Watusi Brothers, Across the Bay. (Popcuts link)