Twitter Apps: Seesmic For Android

On Friday night, Seesmic released an app for Android. As soon as I saw this, I paid a visit to the Android app and was in the first 50 to download the app. In a snap, the app was on my phone, and I was testing the features.

As I wrote last week, I use Swift on my Android, which is very fast and feature-rich. Compared to Swift, my feeling about Seesmic for Android was not very positive:

seesmic for android: no multiaccount, no lists, no facebook, kinda slow, lil disappointed, but it’s only 1.0.

Even though I am disappointed, I am certainly not uninstalling the Seesmic app from my phone.

Despite its obvious shortcomings, Seesmic already runs better than most Twitter apps on the Android market, so that’s brownie points for Loic Le Meur’s mobile app.

In the background, Seesmic is a powerful social platform that connects its users to their Twitter accounts and their Facebook profiles, through a Web browser, an Adobe Air app, a .NET Microsoft app, and through a Blackberry or Android phone. This means your Seesmic account can keep you connected to your friends wherever you are.

Also, at its core, Seesmic is extremely feature-rich. If you look a all the features across all the different Seesmic products, you get:

  1. Multiple Twitter accounts
  2. Merged timelines
  3. Geolocation and lists support
  4. Facebook integration (and Facebook page management)
  5. inline username auto-complete
  6. Create/save searches
  7. Create unlimited number of columns
  8. Twitter trends
  9. Reply to all
  10. Tweet to multiple accounts
  11. Mr Tweet integration
  12. And so many more…

Therefore, I won’t uninstall Seesmic from my phone because I believe that a good load of the features above will slowly be pushed onto the Android app. It’s simply a matter of patience. My request would be to push the multiple account feature first, as I really miss it 🙁

Also, you have to keep in mind that Seesmic is the Twitter app that got the most fundings since conception, and is backed by the most influential sharks of the Silicon Valley. Unlike smaller Twitter apps developed by some Joe from the middle of Ohio, Seesmic is here to stay.