Steps To Unlock Blogger Blog

Block report,
Late Friday, December 19th, 2009, PST time, Blogger automatically marked as a spam blog.
This means the site has been temporarily suspended, and access to its content is impossible.
Spam blogs are detected by robots that analyze a site and determine their ‘spam likeliness’.
However, Blogger admits that robots can do mistakes (as in this case).
For that purpose, from the Blogger’s dashboard, the owner of the blocked blog can go to a page where filling out a captcha letter verification is required.
Once the owner of the blocked blog goes through that process, Blogger displays the following message:
If you leave this page and access it again, it gives you the following message:
The message from the Blogger team asks for our patience. Unfortunately, we are going to need a bit more than that.
8 days after going through the unlock request process, the message above disappeared from the page, and the owner of the blocked blog was asked to go through the verification process again.
After going through the verification process again, the previous message re-appeared, but the unlock request date had changed to December 28, 2009, instead of the December 19, 2009, the initial request date:
And 5 days later, the same bug happened again, resetting the unlock request date to January 4th, 2010.
On January 7th, 2010 at 12:00Am, the blog owner followed the steps mentioned on
First was to submit the blog’s URL to an appeal spreadsheet, which has been done:

Afterwards, the blog owner posted a report in the Something Is Broken section of Blogger’s help forum (