The Selective Twitter Status Application Evolves

To duplicate your Twitter updates automatically onto Facebook you have two pretty nice applications out there: the Selective Twitter Status and Smart Twitter. I will go over the Smart Twitter application later, and focus on some new gears I found inside the Selective Twitter App since I covered it about a year ago.

First, just like the Smart Twitter app, the Selective Twitter status application has an option to install the app for your profile or for your professional page. This is pretty cool considering that you probably don’t have the same communications needs for those two types of pages.

Originally, the idea of the Selective Twitter Status app was only to post the Twitter updates that contained the hashtag #fb to Facebook. However, as you can see below, this basic feature evolved a bit:

Now, you can put the #fb hashtag anywhere in the tweet. You can also insert a prefix, and a link to your Twitter profile. I am not a big fan of duplicating my Twitter tream onto Facebook. However, I really like to publish links on my pages that I source on Twitter. I personally use Hootsuite to post from Twitter to Facebook, but this app could be a better fit for some of you out there.