Revver Forever Not

Revver has been broken and useless for years, so when will they close it for good ?

In the online video platform wars, some got big, and some totally failed their entrance. In terms of failure, I am talking about Revver. Revver has been broke since the day I started using it: They were the first to offer rev-share with video producers, but they never were able to figure out a model to turn this into a profitable company.

Today, I took five minutes to check out Revver and see what had changed. Nothing’s changed, as if time froze in there: Same design, same bugs, same lack of velocity, same no sign of non-spamming life, even my ad revenue counter is still stuck on the same numbers (I uploaded close to 70 videos on Revver).

Last time I connected to my account on Revver was well over a year ago. Since then, I just missed two or three messages from the admins (mentioning various technical problems) and one comment on a video that’s not mine. There hasn’t been a single friend request. The unofficial Revver blog managed by Kevin Nalts last posted on February 2007, and connecting to Revver’s official blog is not possible as I write those words.

If a store doesn’t get traffic, it closes: Tokoni is doing it, Oosah did it, and the whole deadpool in Techcrunch did it. So when will it be Revver’s turn?