Hootsuite, Top Twitter Account Automated Management Tool

Hootsuite is one of the best tools on the market for Twitter multiple account and automation management.

The deeper I dig into the multiple account AND multiple user Twitter adventure, the more I get attached to Hootsuite. What is so different about Hootsuite, its Android client (and more recently its iPhone client) left aside?

Hootsuite has many unique features that makes the application a must-have to automate and manage a Twitter account:

  1. An integration with Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress (among others).
  2. A RSS feed publishing option.
  3. A built-in multi-user infrastructure.
  4. A scheduler.

What are the possibilities? First, the RSS feed publishing option lets you post to any of the connected social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress. With this feature alone, you can handle the life of 4 sites. Thanks to the scheduler, your account is not limited to tweet links from a feed or tweets scraped from search, but it extends to original tweets that you can create in bulk and spread over time. Finally, you can invite a person to handle your Twitter account. That person will not have access to the account’s login information: It will just have the option to post tweets. By granting advanced permission to a user, you let him/her manage other team members and grant permissions to modify social network account settings. This is great in a professional environment where you may be handling +50 different Twitter account with +10 users.

I have never been able to get a hang of Tweetdeck, and Seesmic lacks solutions for publishers. Hootsuite does the job just right. Additionally, the app is only available online and on your mobile, which means no desktop clients. I find the latter heavily unproductive, and I’m glad Hootsuite sees it the same way. Hootsuite is the only app that makes me feel like a Twitter content publisher, without the need to be logged in day-in, day-out.