Insert your customized image in RSS feed (Feedburner)

Earlier this week, I was reminding everyone (but mostly myself) that Feedburner offered an option to overwrite a RSS feed’s initial meta. To go a bit further down the same alley, I’ll share another little goodie that you don’t necessarily notice in the first place.

The picture above shows the Image Burner option within Feedburner. What it does is, it lets you insert your own customized picture next to your RSS feed content. The Feedburner team hints that you can insert your feedcount chicklet url there, but I find it much more interesting to publish an image that you host. This way, you can change it whenever you want and it will update on all your published feeds.

Same tip for the specified url, choose own you have control over, so that you can always redirect to the Website of your choice at any given time. Once you’ve done this, follow this link to learn how to add a feedflare that says "follow me on twitter" and your feed will turn into a lethal online marketing weapon.