Ereputation SEO: The dirty truth

In an odd but expected way, some of us suddenly understand the concept of “ereputation” the moment some dirt pops up when people google our name. All of a sudden, we realize how much of an impact an algorithmically-generated SERP can have on our lives: Everyone knows what you did last summer! Everyone!

Having your life mistakes on display front and forward on the number one used Website in the world is a bit embarrassing, and (psychologically) unacceptable if it jeopardizes your personal and/or professional life. And that’s where I come in: My day-time job primarily consists in cleaning up the dirt on the SERPs of those who can afford it and who desperately need our services.

The anatomy of an ereputation SERP

Say you’d like to find a website where you can print your pictures and have them delivered to you: you type “print pictures online“, and the results are 10 Websites that are most likely to fulfill your photo-printing needs, ie online photo-printing service providers. When you type somebody’s name in Google, the results are profile pages, staff members’ pages, personal websites and blogs, news items, photos/videos, and dirt.

Dirt can be anything: illegal activity, cult, sexual act (or erotic photos), deviant behavior, anything that raises a flag usually lands on that first page