Meta apps system

I love Hootsuite on my Android. It provides both functionality and ergonomy. It doesn’t just make it easier to tweet, it also makes it really easier to manage new and existing contacts. Thanks to the flexibility of the Android OS, it’s become easier to handle my tweeting experience on my phone than on a top-based computer. Example:

I write for the french blog Twitteradar. To measure the impact of my posts (and those of others), I use the email functionality of Backtweets, thus I can identify all the folks that tweet my articles. From my mobile email inbox, when I click on a link to view the profile of a person that retweeted me, instead of opening that profile in my mobile browser, it does so directly in my Hootsuite app. From there, I can follow/unfollow them with the Twitter account of my choice.

This great functionality allows me to build my Twitter communities on the go.

Why am I serenading you on this rather small piece of functionality? I just read Fred Wilson’s A VC: The Always Logged In Experience, and I was so pleased to read that he shares the same vision of a meta apps system. As I described above, the meta apps philosophy is already there, and with tech leaders such as Wilson feeling inspired by that philosophy, I think the meta apps approach will become a reality real soon.