Nokia Appoints New Head in Brazil

Nokia appointed one of its chief executives to lead Brazil's operation.

Luiz Tonisi was the leader in sales and operations in Brazil since 2011. Now he was promoted this February to Country Senior officer & Head of Nokia Brazil.

Former sales director Luiz Tonisi had been working at the company for the last seven years and been promoted to lead strategy and operations in the Latin American country.

Tonisi will continue reporting to the company’s head of Latin America, Osvaldo Di Campli.

“Being able to lead a team exclusively dedicated [to Brazil] is an incredible chance to go further, direct efforts to segments of the economy that are experiencing digital transformation, to open up new areas of business, such as 5G, partnerships with the B2B areas of our operators – customers and the end users themselves,” Tonisi says.

Developing opportunities around IoT

The company is “committed to digitalization in Brazil.” according to the executive. Tonisi needs now to capitalize on the development opportunities in the country around the business transformation based on 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).

Nokia began to express interest in exploiting opportunities within the IoT in Brazil since 2015. Even it signed an agreement with the local mobile operator Oi regarding the development of products and services in the field.

Last year, the company was looking for new Brazilian companies to develop offers based on the IoT approach to a global acceleration initiative.

Interview with Country Senior Office & Head of Nokia Brazil Luis Tonisi.