Is a Job Candidate Lying? Artificial Intelligence can know it

Right now recruitment areas can combinate Artificial Intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

Digital transformation in human resources continues at an accelerated pace. Right now recruitment areas can combine Artificial Intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

Recruiters and human resources managers can do a better follow-up thanks to AI. They can use it from the moment a candidate applies for a job until he joins the payroll. With greater automation comes more accurate results.

Integrity as a fundamental value

Integrity Meter is gaining popularity in the last years. This tool is designed to measure candidates’ honesty and integrity.

Integrity Meter’s promo.

This is how Integrity Meter works: a candidate must perform an online test. Each test question measures personal values, sincerity, and crime propensity.

Companies require professionals with specific skills to cover their needs, as well as integrity and honesty. This tool tries to improve the organizational climate and reduce turnover.

Between companies with these services are Unilever, Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, DHL, GAP, and Fox. Integrity Meter CEO Gabriel Mysler points out that hiring a highly trained employee, but dishonest is more harm than a less qualified person.

Reliable results

Integrity Meter uses interrogation techniques to detect when candidates are lying and hiding information. Developers used the company’s experience in the elaboration of the tool, like polygraphs and occupational interviews.

Integrity Meter’s app is able to formulate recommendations for recruitment managers, so they’re able to choose the right candidate. The app shows if a candidate meets or not the requirements.

Integrity Meter is just one of many artificial intelligence platforms available to improve recruitment processes. All of them can be very useful tools to improve relationships with employees.