Facebook’s Innovation Lab Is Open in Chile

The US company was aiming to provide necessary tools to local startups and developers.

Facebook is one of the most recognized social media company. They have invested a good part of their capital in research and innovation to reach that level. That’s why it’s a leading company in the technological market beyond social networks.

Facebook opened its first Innovation Lab in Chile at the end of the last month. The US company was aiming to provide necessary tools to local startups and developers. This center reached the South American country after opening other laboratories in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Sustainable development in South America

Facebook partnered with Start-Up Chile. They will have a co-working space to provide training and advice to Chilean entrepreneurs. South Cone Regional Director Facebook South Cone Joao Adao, and Head of Developers Programs Facebook Susana Cipriota were company’s representatives in the media tour. They explained the main objectives of the innovation laboratory, as well as Chile importance for Facebook.

Facebook representatives agreed that technological innovation could help the economic growth of countries.

Facebook seeks to add value to the Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystem. Mentoring and workshops for developers, entrepreneurs, and startups is a way.

Chilean market is one of the most advanced in terms of technology, according to the representatives of Facebook. They see significant growth potential both in Chile and in the region with the emergence of several companies.

Commitment to education

They also talked about the scholarships and training programs that are underway throughout Latin America. These programs try to meet the demand in the market for professionals specialized in computing. They believe in promoting inclusion so that the market has greater diversity and avoiding that they are always the same entrepreneurs.

Facebook spokespersons also attended some doubts. Violation of users’ privacy was a concern. They answered questions about scandals like Cambridge Analytics. For this, they are launching various technical initiatives within the company to improve processes and data management. They are also seeking to educate users to have greater control over information shared in the social network.

Facebook partnered with Start-Up Chile