Freelancers: Apps to Improve Productivity

Thanks to technology you can use different programs and apps that help increase productivity.

Working as a freelancer has many advantages, the most important is the freedom that gives you because it allows controlling work hours, delivery times, among other factors. However, working on your own has a series of challenges that all freelancers face, such as maintaining productivity and concentration.

When starting to work freelance, it is essential to learn to work without the infrastructure of a company because you must learn to organize meetings, make a list of tasks and manage personal finances responsibly. Thanks to technology you can use different programs and apps that help increase productivity.

Useful tools for projects

Forest: This app aims to prevent the user from being distracted by reviewing the cell phone and social networks in an original way. The app plants a virtual tree that will grow as you avoid distractions.

If you unlock the phone, the tree dies and you have to start over.

Remember the Milk: This simple app available for Android and iOS allows users to create lists of pending activities. You can also share and synchronize the app with the most popular calendar services such as Google. There are also more advanced alternatives such as the Evernote suite and other task managers.

Another group of very useful tools are project management apps. For example, Trello or Basecamp allows you to follow up on a project in all its phases. In addition, you can divide the tasks by teams and add the delivery dates for each milestone.

To improve concentration

Freelancers often have problems concentrating on work and maintaining productivity. Currently, there are also different tools that help to focus more on tasks and eliminating any type of distraction during work hours.

In the market, you can find not only apps but also extensions for browsers that limit the use of social networks and other web pages. For writers, there are apps and tools that eliminate distractions while creating a more favorable environment for concentration.

For example, you can find Darkroom, an app to write in full screen without any extra functionality to promote concentration. For the riskiest, there is The Most Dangerous Writing App that eliminates the text gradually if the freelancer stops writing for a long time until it is completely erased.

Trello is a project management app.