Microsoft and OpenClassrooms will train students for high demand AI jobs

The program will be entirely online and guarantees a new job six months after completing the course.

Microsoft Corp. and OpenClassrooms announced a new partnership to train and prepare students for jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI).

OpenClassrooms is a leading online education platform for employment, with millions of students across 170 countries. This collaboration will allow learning skills in high demand to more students.

Programming skills that employers are looking for

The online master level program combines OpenClassrooms programming with content and tasks based on Microsoft projects, adjusted to the AI roles that employers seek to occupy.

The program takes advantage of the OpenClassrooms platform along with updated content and connections to employers seeking to occupy IA vacancies. This model benefits students and employers, who obtain a reliable channel to recruit new talent.

OpenClassrooms twit about the partnership

IA, a skill very required

The requirement of skills in artificial intelligence have far surpassed the number of candidates in the labor market. One estimate suggests that, by 2022, a shortage of talent will leave up to 30% open jobs of AI skills and data.

“The demand for AI opportunities and machine learning has never been stronger,” said Pierre Dubuc, co-founder, and CEO of OpenClassrooms. “We are excited to be innovation partners with Microsoft to introduce new tactics that will bring great talent to the workforce.”

OpenClassroom guarantees work

OpenClassroom guarantees that students will get a new job in less than six months after completing the course. In case of not achieving it, a full refund will be made.

The master’s degree is accredited in Europe through OpenClassrooms, located in Paris, France. The company also seeks accreditation in the United Kingdom and the United States.

“Because the AI has begun to change the way we work and the nature of the jobs, we have a responsibility to ensure that graduates are prepared for tomorrow’s workplace,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president of global sales, marketing, and operations at Microsoft. “We are excited to partner with OpenClassrooms to help equip people with the skills and opportunities they need to make progress in the digital economy.”

Opportunity for professionals in Latin America

The Microsoft partnership and OpenClassroom will provide new training and updating resources for professionals in Latin America.

Technological education programs in the region have lagged and usually don’t focus on the current needs of companies. LatAm developers are continually looking for online resources to keep up with technological changes and remain competitive.

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