A Netflix that works with cryptocurrencies?

Flixxo takes advantage of the blockchain and the BitTorrent to create a platform that pays to creators and users.

Argentina has become a benchmark for innovation with blockchain. This South American country has developed technologies that take advantage of this peer-to-peer network to verify contracts or make money transfers faster and more reliably. However, at the International Web Series Festival in Buenos Aires, also known as BAWEBFEST, a startup demonstrated that the core technology of cryptocurrencies could be taken to more creative areas.

Flixxo is an audiovisual content platform that combines the best of two technologies: Blockchain and BitTorrent.

Flixxo proposes a new business model for streaming services. Creators set the value of their product to reach consumers, while users do not pay for a subscription. The initiative has been presented at several international digital series festivals and content markets such as Berlin, Cannes, Marseille, Bilbao, Rio de Janeiro, and Cancun.

An All-Star Team in Blockchain

Adrián Garelik, co-founder of RSK Labs; Federico Abad, creator of Pop Corn Time; and Pablo Carbajo, Founder of Riecoin, are the three Argentine entrepreneurs who founded Flixxo.

Garelik, Ceo of the platform, assured that the company “returns the power that the creators had yielded to other platforms. We proposed a new business model, an ecosystem in which content creators set their value and go directly to their consumers, in which we eliminate the high costs of servers and the high fees of the platforms. “

Abad stressed the advantage that users could find with this alternative: “In Flixxo, they are not forced to pay a subscription model to watch their favorite series or videos. Users can earn credits or tokens by looking at small ads and then use them to view content. They can also treasure and sell them in the market because, being a cryptocurrency, they have real value. ”

Coming Soon in Your Mobile

The cryptocurrency that operates on the platform is called Flixx. The company made an initial offer (ICO), which reached USD 4.5 million globally and tested the platform with 2 thousand users.

Currently, Flixxo is offered as a desktop app for content creators and for “seeders,” as well as a web platform for consumers. Flixxo can be downloaded free on its website or enjoyed online. Also, in a few weeks, the platform will be presenting its mobile version available for both Android and iOS devices.

“We are a decentralized platform in which each person will be able to upload and monetize their video creations. But we also want to specialize in web series and short content: videos and series with chapters of 5 to 10 minutes. We know that the success of the platform will be in line with the growth in visualization on mobile devices. And we believe that content, shorter and more engaging, is the most attractive for the small moments of leisure that we all have, “Garelik concluded.

Flixxo’s Founder explains how it works