Could Bernie Sanders stop the trend of outsourcing jobs?

Sanders, a senator from Vermont, demanded that Trump draft a new treaty that effectively avoids outsourcing.

The labor reform advances in Mexico. Mexican Chamber of Deputies has already approved it and is now in the hands of senators to vote for it.

The amendments to the labor laws seek to grant autonomy to the unions in the country and give workers a less disadvantageous position in labor lawsuits. However, Mexican workers have not fought for this rights; they have been a condition to approving the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

In previous weeks, Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives of the United States, declared that the Democrats would not sign the USMCA if Mexico did not make a labor reform. When this demand seems almost saved, Bernie Sanders now attacks the Agreement. His main criticisms focus on outsourcing jobs.

Bernie Sanders challenges Trump

“The NAFTA treaty that Trump renegotiated with Mexico still allows companies like General Motors to send our jobs to Mexico,” Sanders said during an event in Warren, Michigan.

Sanders, a senator from Vermont, demanded that Trump draft a new treaty that effectively avoids outsourcing.

Blaming outsourcing is not a new position for Sanders. Previously the senator proposed the Outsourcing Prevention Act, to avoid that they transfer the production lines to Mexico, an initiative that was not very successful and some critics even called it like ridiculous.

Bernie Sanders has talked about stop outsourcing jobs for a while.

Tim Worstall noted how the most attacked companies are those that move their work to another country, while companies that create jobs in other countries do not suffer naming and shaming.

Even when Sanders talk about outsourcing jobs, he only refers to moving production lines to foreign countries. He ignores outsourcing customer service or software development.

In some media, they see these positions as a new threat against the USMCA. However, they can also classify as natural reactions to an increasing trend. Sanders will not be able to stop the trend of outsourcing jobs. At least not for now. He is a favorite candidate for next US presidential election.