Bel Pesce

Bel Pesce is a Brazilian entrepreneur, writer and influential speaker. Her last startup is BeDream App.

Bel Pesce: Education

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Computer Sciences

Bel Pesce: Early days

Isabel Pesce Mattos started as a Product Manager in Ooyala and later became a business manager in the development of Lemon Wallet. In 2012, she published a free e-book called “A Menina do Vale” (La niña del Valle), which impulsed her career as an inspirational speaker, writer, and TED fellow. In 2013, she founded the FAzINOVA company, which teaches professional and personal development through entrepreneurial values. Her latest venture is BeDream App.

Bel Pesce: Career

Isabel Pesce prefers to be called “Bel Pesce,” an easy to pronounce three syllables name. This simplicity has helped her spread her ideas about entrepreneurship with FazINOVA. FazINOVA offers immersion programs for entrepreneurs of all kinds, with free and fee-based courses.

After winning several awards, Bel has developed her business by adding an advertising company, Enkla, to handle the rapid production of content. She also launched BeDream App, a free application that allows its users to interact in discussion forums and videos with experts from different specialties, such as chefs, authors or entrepreneurs.

Over 30 million people interact with her site so far. Pesce hopes to reach at least 1 billion interactions to make her message heard beyond Brazil. To achieve this goal, Pesce is translating the content from Portuguese to English, Arabic and other languages to spread her message between more people. She’s adding more videos, articles, books and curated content, too. Pesce’s main target is to change behavior and provide tools to create business leaders.

Bel Pesce: Distinctions

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Bel Pesce: Other facts

The ventures of Bel have attracted the attention of several media. She was named among the 30 under 30 of Forbes in 2013 and was placed as one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil, as well as one of the most influential leaders in 2015. She was also the first Brazilian woman to receive recognition from the Cartier Women’s Initiative in 2014.

Bel Pesce: Publications

• “A Menina do vale”, Enkla, 2015, 8569790015
• “A Menina do vale 2”, Leya Brasil, 2014, 9788544100707

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