eMerge Americas: What do Pitbull and the Softbank investors have in common?

Hint: Both will be keynote speakers at the eMerge Americas event, which will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center at the end of April.

On April 29 and 30, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, prominent investors will be presented for Latin America, including an administrative director of Softbank and an executive of the investment fund “Rise of the Rest,” as part of the eMerge Americas technology event.

The eMerge Americas connects leaders and entrepreneurs from the global industry with top executives from America, transforming Miami in a Tech-hub.

Among the most important speakers of the event will be Paulo Passoni, who was recently named as an investment partner of the new fund presented by Softbank, a Japanese conglomerate. The title of his conference will be “Investing: emerging cities to emerging markets.”

Steve Murray, managing director of Revolution Growth, will accompany Passoni. Revolution Growth is the group behind “Rise of the Rest.” CNBC technology reporter Deirdre Bosa will moderate the presentation.

The CEO of eMerge Americas, Felice Gorordo, stated that “We are incredibly excited to have SoftBank’s Paulo Passoni and Revolution’s Steve Murray open this year’s eMerge Americas conference,” He also stressed that the presence of these exhibitors confirms the importance of eMerge as a platform to connect world-class investors with entrepreneurs from the continent.

Closing with Pitbull

On April 30 Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of Priceline.com and ubid.com, will be at the closing presentation along with artist Armando “Pitbull” Christian Perez, who is also an entrepreneur and investor. The session will be called “Design Your Future,” and it will be a conversation between these two businessmen where they will share tips to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Since the founding of eMerge Americas, Armando has been a true partner and believer in our mission to help transform Miami – and the region as a whole,” said Melissa Medina, president of eMerge Americas. “We are looking forward to welcoming him back this year as both a startup judge and keynote speaker.”

The eMerge conference will be part of the Innovation.Week Miami. Registration can be found here, and for “Rise of the Rest”,here.

eMerge Americas connects entrepreneurs with investors.